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Rhino's Reef

Hanna MacDaddy Kit

Hanna MacDaddy Kit

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The Mac Daddy Kit from Rhinos Reef is the ultimate solution for comprehensive testing, as it includes all the essential test kits from Hanna Instruments. This all-inclusive kit combines the intertester kits for salinity, pH, calcium, alkalinity, nitrate, and phosphorus testers into a single, 3D printed organizer. With dedicated compartments for each test kit, the Mac Daddy Kit provides unparalleled convenience and organization. Now you can have all your testing equipment securely stored and readily accessible in one place, simplifying your testing process and ensuring accurate measurements across various parameters. Streamline your testing routine with the Mac Daddy Kit, the ultimate collection of test kits from Hanna Instruments, brought together in a single, purpose-built organizer from Rhinos Reef.

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